Writing a presentation handout tips

The purpose of this is to break the common pattern of slides packed with bullet points. Because during a live presentation, the human brain is able to comprehend one idea at a time and quickly loses attention when barraged with tons of bullet points.

Writing a presentation handout tips

It frees your mind, it can improve your slides, it makes your audience happy! How so, you ask?

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Well, writing a handout with the main points of your talk summarized in one page, including references and maybe links to further reading material and your contact data relieves you of the necessity of writing down everything on your slides.

And should they have questions a week after the presentation, your contact details are on the handout. Since it will be about one page long, you will also need to prioritize what you want to include and what you think is necessary and what is unnecessary. The handout — what should it look like?

So, how should the handout look like?

writing a presentation handout tips

It can also include graphics if you deem it relevant; maybe a key image from the presentation slides is a good idea — people will then remember your presentation when looking at that image. What NOT to do: The slides are neither a visual aid for your presentation too much textnor are they a good readable document too unstructured.

So avoid the slideument.

writing a presentation handout tips

Take 20 minutes or more to write down the key messages onto one page. Some people ask me when to give the handouts — before or after the presentation.

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Why should a listener bother with the presentation if they have the summary in front of them? Is it really that windy down there?

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So, next time you do a presentation, write a handout for your listeners. Give it a try. If you want to read more on creating handouts, read my post entitled How to Write a Presentation Handout — 5 Effective Ideas.

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Before I was a professor, I spent over ten years in marketing for large companies that specialized in. How I Quickly Create Effective Presentation Handouts [Template] by Lea Pica | May 11, I’m giving you my free Practical + Perfect Presentation Handout Template which will walk you through all of these steps.

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