The sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl windows

This area is all about me. Well, me and my family. Family I was born inin Paisley, Scotland. I lived in Neilston for 4 years, then over the border in Rockcliffe for 4 years.

The sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl windows

It will be a bit rambling, without any pictures and full of sweeping generalizations. I have put in lots of links so you can find out more details. For the Fifties they are the memories of a young boy brought up in a large family in Ilford with no knowledge of life outside my family and school.

Even in the Sixties I knew little outside my small world.

the sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl windows

News and information from television and newspapers was far more restricted than today Technology We had virtually nothing of modern technology. There were fixed line Telephoneswhich we hardly ever used — more or less just for occasional local calls.

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We had an electric iron and very, very occasionally in winter an electric fire might be used. Basically electricity was for lights. We survived without Computers. If you wanted to write anything you used a pen or pencil.

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Offices used Typewriterswhich were only used by typists and Newspapers were produced by a complex, cumbersome labour-intensive process taking several hours. For Photographs we had cameras and photographic film.

We did have Cinemas producing films but people did not make their own moving pictures. Perhaps the most automation we ever had was in traffic lights. They were very simple with no fancy stuff like lanes or filter lights or pedestrian signals. Some of them were able to detect when traffic arrived to hasten on the next change.

Standards and Authority Attitudes were more Formal and Standards were different especially our views about women, children, ethnic minorities, animals and sexuality. We respected the Authorities even though we had no knowledge of how they worked.

There was no Internet! We trusted and believed doctors, teachers, policeman and generally vicars. Most people more or less accepted the Church and there were many more believers and regular churchgoers. The Church played a significant part in our education and our attitudes to Christmas, Easter, Whitsun and Sundays.

Andrews Church at Ilford played a significant part in my life.

the sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl windows

Government The government and Civil Service covered much, much more than today — coal, gas, electricity, railways, telephones, television and national savings. Education, doctors and hospitals and local government services were more centrally controlled.DMIR , IC , and DMIR round Bear Trap Curve with pellet empties for Minntac on the afternoon of August 30, The has always been one of my least favorite tunnel motors running around on the former MIssabe once CN painted it.

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Teaching was based on chalk on blackboards, reading from textbooks and writing in exercise books. Our most sophisticated visual aids were – coloured chalk.

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We had just the traditional subjects, formal homework, end-of-term examinations and hand-written reports. Edition. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share.

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