The question of whether abortion sexual freedom or murder

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The question of whether abortion sexual freedom or murder

As humans, we must consider and accept that there are opposing belief systems - which will definitely result in different opinions concerning contentious and divisive issues such as abortion. It depends very much on the value people put on life.

As a Christian, I am definitely sure that abortion is murder. However, to ensure that I get my point across, I have to say I do not agree with the sheer Christian dogmatism displayed on this page.

Once again, I reiterate that as Christians we need to be considerate and understanding. They have no reason to believe that abortion is wrong. If the universe, and humanity, came about by random processes of nature, there surely is no reason why we should worry so much about the sanctity of life.

Thus, coexistence does not apply here. Thus, the extermination of the fetus is certainly justifiable.

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However, for the sake of conciseness, circumstance certainly dictates action for atheists - it does not follow a specific, straightforward, set of guidelines as Christians must and should do. Ultimately, t is very much up to people what they should do.

We live in a democratic society that has granted personal freedom - it might not necessarily lead to happiness, but we have liberty to do what we want.

The question of whether abortion sexual freedom or murder

Christianity is allowable because of this. I stress that I do not condone abortion - but I want to learn to accept that people might have difficult circumstances like sexual abuse that has led to abortion.

I have no right to stop them. But I can only say this: Nevertheless, that is my opinion. It is up to the individual Note: Thank you for allowing me to convey my opinions with such an inadequate technique of mine.Abortion isn’t the only problem with it, just the worst one.

Abortion: Women’s Rights… and Wrongs | Feminists for Life

The killing of hundreds of thousands of babies annually is a pretty massive “con” to sexual liberation. Fedor’s impassioned speech, in other words, is in a certain sense immaterial to the larger matter at hand: the question isn’t whether Fedor had an abortion after being raped, but whether it.

The question of whether or not abortion is murder is one of the most contentious social and political issues of the day. Although the United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in , the morality of terminating a pregnancy has been debated in the U.S.


since at least the mids. Abortion: Sexual Freedom or Murder Essay Abortion: Sexual Freedom or Murder Abortion is a topic that brings up very distinct feelings in us all. Some of these feelings come from personal experience, while others come from social influences. So, is abortion murder?

The answer is certainly yes. Abortion is the willful and unjustified killing of an unborn child. Regardless if abortion is legal by human government, it is a violation of the universal moral law of God, which supersedes man’s law.

The abortion debate seems like an unresolvable conflict of rights: the right of women to control their own bodies, the right of children to be born.

The question of whether abortion sexual freedom or murder
Abortion: Women’s Rights… and Wrongs | Feminists for Life