Target market of coke zero

History[ edit ] Long before its official introduction in stores inmany diners and drugstore soda fountains dispensed an unofficial version by adding cherry-flavored syrup to Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company would later introduce other flavored Coke variants, beginning with Vanilla Coke in Maylater followed by limeraspberrylemonBlack Cherry Vanilla and orange variants. International distribution[ edit ] 2L bottle in the United Kingdom Coca-Cola Cherry has been distributed in a number of different countries.

Target market of coke zero

How Coke Zero Became a Hero: Jay Moye Jun 30, Share: The origins of Coke Zero can be traced back to the late s, when the search for a next-generation, no-calorie Coca-Cola began. Coke Zero would eventually offer the best of both worlds.

InAOL named Coke Zero the second-hottest product of the year, behind the iPhone, and the brand is currently sold in countries. Here are 10 fun Coke Zero tidbits from its first decade on the market: Speed was of the essence, but getting the product right and achieving a breakthrough in taste technology was priority one.

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Some of the first bottles of Coke Zero were sold on eBay in April A few months before its official launch in the U. The stunt helped generate strong buzz about the new product. A mid-calorie cola called C2 tentatively tabled the Coke Zero launch. C2 debuted with great fanfare in Japan, followed by the United States, with the promise of half the sugar, calories and carbs as Coca-Cola.

But the brand eventually fizzled with consumers. Although C2 was not the smash hit Coke hoped for, it yielded valuable insights and gave the company a springboard to launch Coke Zero.

Coke Zero debuted in the U. When Coke Zero premiered in the U.

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Coke Zero debuted in white cans and bottles to help the brand stand out on store shelves. Many young males — the target demographic — associated the white labels with feminine-leaning diet drinks. Coke Zero needed a more masculine look and message.

Target market of coke zero

A few months after the U. The team unveiled the brand in both white and black cans and let consumers pick a favorite. The black can won in a landslide. The strategy paid off. The mock films were a hit online, prompting Coke Zero to air them on TV and extend the storyline with a series of comedic sequels that communicated the fact Coke Zero tastes like Coca-Cola.

The brand made a big splash during the Big Game LegacyQuantum of Solace and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol The brand has used social media to build and entertain a legion of loyal drinkers, while never losing its signature sense of humor. Inthe Coke Zero Facial Profiler Facebook app allowed fans to find lookalikes around the world using advanced face detection technology.

And a cheeky holiday campaign in invited tacky sweater aficionados to custom-design the go-to garment of their yuletide ensemble — down to the kitschiest of details — via the Coke Zero Sweater Generator. The top vote-getters received actual hand-stitched sweaters matching their designs.

The brand has produced its share of viral videos, too, including a film associated with the film, Skyfall, which has been watched more than 11 million times.Target Cartwheel, a whole new spin on coupons.

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Find & share the best deals in all your favorite categories: grocery, baby, apparel, health & beauty & more. Coke Zero was released by the Coca-Cola Company in in order to garner more of the young adult male market after they discovered Diet Coke was considered .

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Free shipping on select purchases over $ Coca-Cola has no specific target market, according to Most of the target marketing is geared towards young people, but some advertising is tailored for older people.

The company has set certain limitations when it comes to target marketing. Coca-Cola targets mostly people who are Mar 21,  · It's the latest effort by Coke Zero to segment their market base, given that Diet Coke is heavily targeted towards women. The latest ad campaign for Diet Coke, for .

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