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Between and a number of proposals were considered, including the redevelopment of the previous Group Head Office at 10 Lower Thames Street, London.

Project on hsbc

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In the lease cost HKD a month. After raising a capital of HKD 5 million, the bank opened its doors in Second building Wardley House was subsequently demolished and replaced by a second HSBC building that was completed in The new building opened in October Upon completion, the building stood as the tallest building in Hong Kong.

The third design used part of the land of the old City Halland was built in a mixed Art Deco and Stripped Classical style. During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kongthe building served as the government headquarters. It was the first building in Hong Kong to be fully air-conditioned.

By the s the bank had outgrown its headquarters; departments were scattered into offices all over Central, and it was obvious that such a "solution" to the space limitations could not continue indefinitely.

In the bank decided to tear down its headquarters and construct a new, larger headquarters building. At the time, it was the most expensive building in the world c. Its design and construction included the installation of the "Asian Story Wall", a multimedia installation consisting of twin banks of 30 seamless plasma screens the largest installation of its kind in Hong Kong displaying archived bank heritage and artworks.

The building is metres high with 47 storeys and four basement levels. The building has a modular design consisting of five steel modules prefabricated in the UK by Scott Lithgow Shipbuilders near Glasgowand shipped to Hong Kong.

About 30, tons of steel and 4, tons of aluminium were used. Instead, lifts only stop every few floors, and floors are interconnected by escalators. There is a bank of giant mirrors at the top of the atrium, which can reflect natural sunlight into the atrium and hence down into the plaza.

Project on hsbc

Through the use of natural sunlight, this design helps to conserve energy. Additionally, sun shades are provided on the external facades to block direct sunlight going into the building and to reduce heat gain.

Instead of fresh water, sea water is used as coolant for the air-conditioning system. This design was to allow equipment such as computer terminals to be installed quickly and easily. For example, the structural steel came from Britain; the glass, aluminium cladding and flooring came from the United States while the service modules came from Japan.

Project on hsbc

It consists of eight groups of four aluminium-clad steel columns which ascend from the foundations up through the core structure, and five levels of triangular suspension trusses which are locked into these masts.

The Chinese believe that those who have a direct view of a body of water—whether it is a river, a sea, or an ocean—are more likely to prosper than those who do not water is strongly associated with wealth in feng shui. The HSBC building has a wide open area the Statue Square in front of it, with no other buildings blocking its view of Victoria Harbour ; thus, it is considered to have "good feng shui".

It is alleged that HSBC installed two maintenance cranes in the shape of cannons on the roof, pointing directly at the Bank of China, to defend against the negative energy from the Bank of China building.

According to feng shui master Paul Hung, this solved the problem, and HSBC experienced "no harmful results after that.Still, Joseph Norwood. CSS Still family. Bowman family. Shedd family. Werth family. Pennsylvania --Genealogy. Maryland --Genealogy.

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Father Tabb ; a study. About HSBC. HSBC is the world’s fourth largest bank with an asset value of $ trillion. They are a British bank with it’s head office in London.

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