Life on the planet essay

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Life on the planet essay

Even before the first shuttle or probe was launched, stories of life on other planets and life invading our own planet, were published prolifically. An article on extraterrestrial life would not be complete without discussing Mars. Mars has been the biggest focus of the ongoing search for life on other planets for decades.

This is not just a wild assumption or fancy; there are several reasons why scientists consider Mars the best place to look for extraterrestrial life.

Life on the planet essay

One reason why many people, including scientists, look to Mars as a possible source of life is because they believe there may be water on the planet.

Since the telescope was first invented, astronomers have been able to see the channels in the terrain that look like canals or canyons. Finding water on a planet is vitally important to proving that life exists there because it acts as a solvent in chemical reactions for carbon-based life.

The habitable zone is a theoretical band of space a certain distance from the Sun in which conditions are optimal for the existence of carbon-based life. Unsurprisingly, Earth is in the middle of the habitable zone.

Although astronomers do not know how far this zone could extend, some think that Mars could be in it. Most astronomers are looking for life that is carbon-based and similar to life on Earth.

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For instance, the habitable zone only applies to favorable conditions for supporting carbon-based life, and it is definitely possible for forms of life that do not need water to exist. Astronomers do not limit themselves to our Solar System either, suggesting that we should look at different solar systems.

Scientists are planning to use interferometry—an investigative technique that implements lasers, which is used in astronomy as well as other fields— to find planets in the habitable zones of other solar systems.

Astronomers believe that there are hundreds of solar systems and thousands of planets, which means that statistically the odds are favorable for finding another planet that supports life.

While NASA develops better probes, the search for life continues. Take a look at this podcast from Astronomy Cast on the search for water on Mars.Read a National Geographic magazine article about life beyond Earth and get information, facts, and more about extraterrestrial life.

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What Types of Conditions Would Extraterrestrial Life Require? Assuming that alien life forms do require similar conditions to humans to exist and sustain life on a planet there is no chance that they would be able to live on any of the planets within the Milky Way Galaxy.

The newfound alien planet Alpha Centauri Bb is the closest yet found and Earth-size but likely doesn't host alien life. So why is Earth the only known planet with life? is there life on other planet Essay Is there life on other planet? The life in the Earth was created long before, even before the existence of human being.

For many years, scientists have been researching if there is any life on other planets, or the Earth is only the planet that consist life.

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