Huawei ec 150 3g usb modem unlocking guide

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Huawei ec 150 3g usb modem unlocking guide

Do the unlocking process at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage cause to the device or loss. So you cannot calculate the unlock code based on an MEID.

You cannot able to update the firmware without SPC Code. So I hereby presented the other way used to read the code from the memory dump.

After installing the device the system will auto detect and run the User Interface of your service provider. Just Close the Application, Do not Shutdown the device.

Huawei ec 150 3g usb modem unlocking guide

If any Because the DFS 3. After that you see a connection icon to connect or disconnect a specific port. Mouse Roll or Double click on the port you want to connect.

You can find and use an ATsimulator. The AT Commands may vary for each model. Make a Google search for AT Commands.

Modem Unlock

Rebuild — Restore Device to Factory Settings. After Connecting a port the software will try to retrieve the device information and show it to you on the front panel.

Huawei Boltz, is the lucky LTE USB modem choosed by Cricket to be the first device offered for their customers in Tucson. Huawei Bolts works and supports LTE AWs bands class 15 (MHz, MHz, MHz) frequency. Need to Unlock Huawei EC here is the hint Huawei EC 3G USB Modem Unlocking – Complete Guide – Trusted Method. By makeiteasy. Disclaimer: This document is intend to show the way how to unlock a Huawei EC USB Modem / or a CDMA Mobile device. Methods presented here are tested on a specific models and won’t work or no need to work. The Huawei G DCI solution uses innovative technologies for non-blocking, low-latency data transmission, helping build large-capacity, intelligent, and energy-conserving DCI networks as well as facilitating service innovation and cloud transformation for enterprise users and service providers.

During this period the software will read the SPC Code. Choose a path to save that memory dump file Save that dump file to your hard disk. Type it on the SPC and send it to the device See fig 1.

Reprogram the device with other tabs presented on the software. Open the dump file with UltraEdit text editor. Find the Hexadecimal string 00 00 00 38 35 6E FF 01 it will work for other models also. The six digit hexadecimal value next to this string is the SPC code.modem unlocking pages.

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Huawei EC 3G USB Modem Unlocking – Complete Guide – Trusted Method By makeiteasy Disclaimer: This document is intend to show the way how to unlock a Huawei EC USB Modem / or a CDMA Mobile device. Original Unlocked Huawei Es Mbps 4G LTE FDD Wireless Modem 3G WCDMA UMTS USB Wifi Dongle Mobile Broadband Data Card.

Dear friends,because of the different operators all over the world,so there are many different logos on the huawei modems,we will send the modems at random in stock!please note the problem when you make a order,thanks for your understanding!

There is only Ma available per USB port, and a powered USB extension cable only takes more power away from the USB Modem. However most of the better modems have a small antenna socket on them.

At the time of writing this FAQ, Vodaphone, 3, Optus and Dodo have been using the Huawei E wireless USB modem with a CRC9 anntena connection.

Huawei Unlocking: Huawei EC unlock software Firmware update download