How to write a postcard address clear

Some crazy chica moving to Spain for love and adventure. Postcards from Abroad admin November 15, Uncategorized 0 Every souvenir shop, service station, gift shop and airport sells them.

How to write a postcard address clear

Contact Author Postcard collecting can be a fascinating hobby as I have found out over the years. The earliest cards date from the midth century and have a very well-documented history.

But for any individual card there can be some doubt about its exact age. Many people prefer to collect unused postcards which have never been posted.

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As a result you can't use the postmark as a guide in estimating the card's age. Even so, all collectors are curious to know how old their postcards are, because their age has some bearing on their value.

Even when there is a postmark, it may be blurred or someone may have lost it in the depths of a drawer for years before sending it through the post.

As a result, we have to find our clues from the card itself. The story for each country varies so I will have to generalise to some extent. All the images are scans of postcards in my own collection.

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French postcard dating from Source This is the oldest card in my possession. The address side gives the date the card was manufactured, Septemberalong with instructions that ONLY the address was to appear on this side of the card, with further instructions on how to write the address accurately.

The Message on My Oldest Postcard - Dated An undivided back postcard Source The first postcards were not allowed to have any form of picture. The address was on one side and a message could be written on the reverse.

This card, old and battered though it is, is clearly dated The message, translated from French, reads: Clearly the fact that the label carried the word "champagne" was of great importance. By this date,the USA was already allowing picture postcards but Great Britain waited until before pictures were permissible.

The First Picture Postcards These first picture postcards still had the address alone on one side. If you wanted to write a message it had to be crammed in alongside the picture, around it and sometimes over it.

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Very often manufacturers of the cards allowed quite a lot of white space for this message because the back was given over entirely for the address. These were called "undivided back" postcards because there was no dividing line to the side of the address. No messages allowed on this side!

Postcard dated Source Postcards With Divided Backs An early divided back card approximately Source Gradually countries started to allow the message to be written on the same side as the address.

The Royal Mail in Great Britain was the first to do this in As you can see from this scan, the instructions were not to write a message in this space apart from a card being sent within the British Isles. Because some countries still insisted on the back for the address alone, space continued to be left for a message alongside the picture.

These early divided backs gave priority to the address so that the address took up two thirds of the space and the message being confined to one third.

how to write a postcard address clear

The size allowed for the message grew larger over the years and nowadays you often find the proportions reversed on some modern cards. A Later Divided-Back Postcard A later divided back postcard from Source As time went on and more countries allowed both address and message to appear together on the same side of the card, it led to some interesting instructions appearing.

The USA allowed divided backs from 1 March and Japan from 28 Marchso this particular card's manufacture can be very neatly dated because it states "This space can now be used for communication to all countries except Japan and Spain".

Other cards have restrictions for Japan, Greece, Turkey. Later Progress Early divided back card from Monaco Source At first manufacturers continued to leave space for a message with the picture, as in the card above, then later extended the image over the whole card. The instructions for whether or not to include a message with the address were steadily replaced by details about the picture itself.

The divided back or lack of it is one of the most obvious dating methods for early vintage cards but later on the style of the card becomes more important:How To Place Content In Postcards The PostalMethods postcard has - prepare for a big surprise - two sides: Image Side: a.k.a front side or non-address side.

the side that does not contain the address. 4 days ago · Readers Write: Campaign finance, wolf protection, homeless encampment fire, Minneapolis Plan, Ivanka Trump's e-mails, the selection of a new U.S.

House speaker A municipal mailing shows the. Letter Writing 2Letter Writing Published in by * It is important that your handwriting be neat and clear. * The writer's address is written in the top right-hand corner. 1 In your copy write your own address and today's date as you would write it on a letter.

What is the reccommended font to use for mailing address labels? I am prinitong the addresses out on clear labels so I don't have to hand write them all. We are having a traditional wedding, elegant,, what font should I use?

not the way you write their address. Get a life! Report 2 Reply. liz member. September Students fill out a postcard on the front with the name of the person it is to and on the back they write a letter. In this writing lesson plan, students fill this out on 1 piece of paper and fold it to make the postcard.

USPS Regulations United States Postal Service mailer design regulations that must be followed to ensure safe delivery of your product.

Round Corners - Post Office will not accept or mail any postcards with rounded corners.

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