Evil mythical creatures to write about

BY M Asher Cantrell August 15, Religion teaches its followers lessons through parables about kindness and love and doing the right thing. Dybbuk Found in Jewish folklore, the Dybbuk is the spirit of a dead sinner who, instead of continuing on to the afterlife, decides to hide out by inhabiting the body of a living person, where they can either live quietly or, more frequently, pester and torture the victim. The victim has to have committed some sort of sin in order for the Dybbuk to get inside.

Evil mythical creatures to write about

They tell us the story of how the world and our culture came to be. They teach us lessons or warn us from the creatures they speak of. The creatures from these legends or myths can be separated into two categories: They come from the depths of hell or the pits of the underworld.

They curse humans for fun and are omens of death. They are the Slendermans and Bloody Mary of the past, but some of them are still believed to haunt people today.

Aswang The Aswang is a mythical creature from Filipino folklore. The Aswang is a shape-shifter and an evil vampire-like creature. You never know - there might be an Aswang near you! Adlet The Adlet is the Werewolf of the Inuit.

evil mythical creatures to write about

They resemble the Werewolf in shape, form and behavior. It stands between six and eight feet tall and has human-like features such as hands, only with long and sharp claws. They can be found in some regions of Quebec, Labrador and some lands to the north.

They are merciless killers who hunt in packs and stalk their prey. They paralyze their prey with fear, making them easier to hunt. Though their intellect is of some lower primates', they are somewhat smarter than wolves and are capable of using some tools.

The Adlet is omnivorous; they only eat vegetation when their desired food is not available. They enjoy meat - especially human flesh and blood, according to legend.

Like werewolves, they heal fast and they can only be injured or killed by fire or silver. Duende A Duende is a fairy, goblin-like creature that comes from Iberian, Latin and Filipino folklore.

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There are different terms for these creatures; the French call them lutin, the Irish call them leprechaun or far darrig, and the Swedish call them tomte.

It is believed that they are of small stature and wear big hats.

evil mythical creatures to write about

While some cultures say that the duende is mischievous and often bad, some say that they are of good nature because they help lost people find their way home.

Either way, be careful not to cross them because they can use their talents to take your toes off or to cast a curse upon you. Doppelganger According to the dictionary, doppelganger means alter ego or a ghostly counterpart of a living person.

They are perceived as a sinister form of bilocation when an individual or object is in two places at the same time and often bring bad luck. In some cultures, a doppelganger is an omen of death. Kikiyaon The Kikiyaon is a mythical creature that hails from Africa. It is the soul cannibal; one of the most terrifying but least seen and understood of all the forest creatures.

It looks like an owl; it has a huge beak, talons on its arms and feet, and has a huge pair of wings. The people who see this creature and live will die of sickness or from shock, according to the people in Africa. It is a deadly opponent that is capable of swooping down on its prey and surpasses or outruns humans.

In addition to that, it can also move from the spirit and physical realm easily. But they are feared in both realms though there is more chance of escape in the latter realm.

They are female spirits and are usually seen as an omen of death or a messenger from the Otherworld. According to legend, banshees wail if someone is about to die.

The banshees can either appear as an ugly hag or a stunning woman of any age. Although they are not usually seen, they wail usually at night. They are also described as wearing white or grey with pale silver hair.

Tikbalang The Tikbalang is a creature from Philippine mythology. It is a half-human, half-animal most common is a horse creature that is said to lurk in the mountains and forests.

They scare travelers and lead them astray.Nov 03,  · What are some good mythical creatures to write about!!!!! ASAP:D? Every town or community had a kresnik, just as it had its own kudlak (an evil wizard or a vampire).

Where the kresnik was the representative of goodness and light, the kudlak symbolized evil and darkness. Mythical creatures to write a YA book with? What other Status: Resolved. 11 Scary Evil Monsters From World Religions. fierce creatures. They’re formerly evil humans said to hold a wide range of powers, including .


Jan 16,  · I never thought about mythical creatures embodying human characteristics, but it does make sense. My dragon, however, is not based off intellectual evil and greed, but is instead based on pride and arrogance. The Aswang is a mythical creature from Filipino folklore.

The term “Aswang” is used as a generic term for most mythical creatures, like witches, vampires, and monsters. The Aswang is a shape-shifter and an evil vampire-like creature.

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