Essay questions about the cuban missile crisis

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Essay questions about the cuban missile crisis

Plot[ edit ] In OctoberU-2 aerial surveillance photos reveal that the Soviet Union is in the process of placing intermediate-range ballistic missiles carrying nuclear weapons in Cuba. Kennedy Bruce Greenwood and his advisers must come up with a plan of action to prevent their activation.

Kennedy is determined to show that the United States will not allow a missile threat. The Joint Chiefs of Staff advise immediate U.

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However, Kennedy is reluctant to attack and invade because it would very likely cause the Soviets to invade Berlin, which could lead to an all-out war.

Citing The Guns of AugustKennedy sees an analogy to the events that started World War Iwhere the tactics of both sides' commanders had not evolved since the previous war and were obsolete, only this time nuclear weapons are involved.

War appears to be almost inevitable. The Kennedy administration tries to find a solution that will remove the missiles but avoid an act of war.

They settle on a step less than a blockade, which is formally regarded as an act of war. They settle on what they publicly describe as a quarantine. They announce that the U. The Soviet Union sends mixed messages in response. Off the shores of Cuba, the Soviet ships turn back from the quarantine lines.

Scalia reporter with ABC Newsis contacted by Soviet "emissary" Aleksandr Fomin Boris Lee Krutonogand through this back-channel communication method the Soviets offer to remove the missiles in exchange for public assurances from the U. A long message in the same tone as the informal communication from Fomin, apparently written personally by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchevis received.

This is followed by a second, more hard line cable in which the Soviets offer a deal involving U. S removal of its Jupiter missiles from Turkey. The Kennedy administration interprets the second as a response from the Politburoand in a risky act, decides to ignore it and respond to the first message, assumed to be from Khrushchev.

There are several mis-steps during the crisis: In a bid for time while under intense pressure from the military for an immediate strike, President Kennedy authorizes attacks on the missile sites and an invasion of Cuba, to commence the following Monday.

An Air Force U-2 reconnaissance plane is sent over Cuba to gather intelligence for the attack, but is shot down, killing the pilot. After much deliberation with the Executive Committee of the National Security CouncilKennedy makes a final attempt to avoid a war by sending his brother, Robert F.

Bobby reiterates the demand that the Soviets remove their missiles from Cuba, and in return promises not to invade or assist in the invasion of Cuba.

Dobrynin insists that the U. Bobby says that a quid pro quo is not possible, but in exchange for Khrushchev removing all the missiles from Cuba, there will be a secret understanding that the U.

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The Soviets announce on Sunday that they will remove their missiles from Cuba, averting a war that could have escalated to the use of nuclear weapons. The film ends with President Kennedy dictating a letter of condolence to the family of the reconnaissance pilot, Rudolf Andersonwho was shot down over Cuba as part of the preparations for the invasion, and the Kennedy brothers and O'Donnell outside of the Oval Office as actual audio of President Kennedy's commencement speech at American University played in the background.Richard Nixon- Paris peace Accords, won election, lost Part of the Kitchen debates, wanted silent majority votes John F.

Kennedy- New Frontier, Space Race, Assisting Poor, Warren Commission, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinated in Dallas. Essay topics for cuban missile crisis.

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CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Order Description. This essay is an extension to the prposal submitted earlier (attached file) and now needs to be expanded to cover the details as per below. Cuban Missile Crisis Essay Prompts.

Essay questions about the cuban missile crisis

Essay prompts in this lesson provide ready to use tools you can incorporate into your American History unit on the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis was an event occurred in October when the USA detected that the USSR had deployed medium range missiles in Cuba.

Did you write Kennedy's speech to the nation on the Cuban missile crisis? I was not the author of any of Kennedy's speeches. But I was the one person who worked on that, yes.

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