Criminal justice integration project essay

Open and unobstructed transmission of crucial information between criminal Justice constituents could present problems if they are not reliable. They must depend on one another for support. The courts, private security agencies, law enforcement personnel as well as community and institutional corrections will have to require diverse training with the ever changing demographic populations of people in the country today. In combining agency policies, revenue sources as well as expenditures, communications, technology, and cultural aspects of organizations, professionals can work together to create lasting as well as functional means to take the criminal Justice field onward toward positive, rewarding change in the future.

Criminal justice integration project essay

The police, corrections, and the courts all play the role and act together in trying to maintain the most respectable and functional CJS. A system where each uses their own judgments on how to play their role.

The views of each can vary from how they each feel the court system works and the integrity of it. Many factors can play a role in the way in which these people feel on the actual court system process. Such factors being where they work within the system, if they are judges, cops, lawyers or social service officers can change the way they feel the system works.

Factors of where they work geographically and the views and opinions of those areas can also shape the way the person feels about the system. The Police are the gatekeepers of the CJS.

They are the ones who find the people who are violating laws and arrest them based on their discretion and situation of the case. Since, the patrol officers are who start many of the cases that go to court.

They are the ones that should be interviewed on whether or not the court system works, the court system has integrity and what would that specific officer do to change the court system. The first patrol officer that was interviewed was from the Mount Prospect police.

He felt it did for the most part, as he felt most Americans did as well. He believed it all mattered on what side you might be on. He mostly found this question to be elementary and found himself confused, but he concluded it with determining it the best system in the world, but could use much improvement.

The second question given to the officer was if he felt the court system had integrity. He thought that most people within the system do have integrity.

Criminal justice integration project essay

However, he has seen situations where it has caused absolute murder towards the system. He thinks that internal and external pressure on the police, attorneys, judges, etc.

But he noted that every other profession has the situation for anything to occur that can hurt their system.

When the officer was asked the final question on what he would like to do change the court system he seemed to get excited, as if he had a lot to say. He first off felt that their should be better monitoring of all the pieces within the system.

He felt that from the judges to the police officers they all should be better monitored. He felt last of all that the citizens as a whole, consisting of the police, judges, etc, should not allow the System to be manipulated by the powerful and therefore cost the weak to lose their rights and privileges.

The second officer that was interviewed was from Hawthorne Woods and he and their department are located Lake County. He was younger than the first which figured he might have a different opinion, and the fact that the Counties were different may also play a role.

Lake County is more conservative and has far more Republicans than Cook county. Therefore, the Court system in Lake may differ from those of Cook due to the political background and lobbying that may be done in the system.

When the officer was asked the first question whether he felt the court system worked, he confidently replied in favor.

He believed that for the most part the court system does work. He felt with the right people and right direction then the court system will work. However, he also noted that just like anything in life there are faults and clinks.

Not everything is perfect, therefore, the system worked with little problems. He concluded the question with saying it was the best game in town. Meaning possibly that he felt that in many games, organizations and such, that there are corruption, cheating, stealing, fraud, etc.

Which leads into the second question on he felt if the court system had integrity and he replied again with approval, that it did. He thought most people involved in the court system were people with integrity.

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He felt that most people who pursued jobs in the system were ones who have integrity. He felt people looking for corruption look elsewhere in other lines of work.

He thinks people in these jobs work towards justice. The officer was then asked his final question on what would he like to do the change the current court system. He felt much the way he did about the integrity question.

He felt that he would want to strive to find people in the system that believe in just, and fairness. The people would have to be able and willing to stick by their convictions.Conceptual integration is very common in theory development and a review of this type of integration essentially would involve a general review of criminological theory.

Propositional integration, as a distinct development strategy is relatively rare and recent and is the subject of this online bibliography. Intro to Criminal Justice Project Interview with Corrections Officer X On May 20, , I met with X. Mr. X is a Corrections Officer 1 at the Camp Hill.

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