Cite 2 ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality

Import into RefWorks 1. This is why the TQM concept has captured the attention of all sides of commerce and industry, as well as that of politicians and academics. The large number of articles being published in this area is a testimony to the high level of interest in quality issues.

Cite 2 ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality

Organizations seeking a well-rounded accounting function need to consider several aspects of accounting beyond just simple debits and credits. What is the Purpose of an Accounting Function?

The primary purpose of any accounting function is that of ongoing financial record keeping. Monetary information of all types--operational expenses, salaries, donations, capital expenditures, investments, cash flow, utilities--should be tracked on a monthly basis at a minimum.

The Two Main Forms of Accounting But the collected data are only meaningful if used; to use data properly, managers break the accounting function down into two primary forms--managerial accounting and financial accounting. While both rely on the same underlying financial data stream, their main difference lies in their focus and time orientation.

With managerial accounting, the focus is internal and looking forward, but financial accounting, the focus is external and looking back. Managerial Accounting Managerial accounting is used internally for planning and for moving an organization forward in a financially sound manner.

Managerial accountants look at the organization in segments, either by department, by region or by product lines for instance, and estimates are made about sales expectations, performance, pricing, costs and work force needs.

Shareholders and investors will use the information to decide if a public company is undervalued and worth investing in or overvalued and should be avoided. Creditors will use this same information to decide whether a nonprofit organization is a good risk before lending money.

Cite 2 ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality

Governmental agencies will use this same information to levy taxes on for-profit organizations. Managerial accounting however, since it is used internally, need not be quite so precise, nor is it mandatory. Thus, while organizations must report financially accurate information to the public, they remain free to do as they wish for internal planning purposes.

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She teaches business writing classes as an adjunct lecturer for IU. Fritz has also worked as a news correspondent, was a speech writer for the Indiana Senate, and was public information officer for the Indiana Dept.Internal Audit Function — The internal audit function plays a unique role in the governance process; indeed it is a role that is being widely debated.

We believe the outcome of this debate will dramatically influence the nature of the internal audit activity in the years to come.

Factors Affecting Students’ Quality of Academic Performance: A Case of Secondary School Level 2| students’ performance remains at top priority for educators.

Total quality management (TQM) is a systematic quality improvement approach for firm-wide management for the purpose of improving performance in terms of quality, produc- tivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. MGT Chapter 2.

Cite 2 ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality

STUDY. PLAY. The practice of management is both an art and a science. an accounting manager at a hospital equipment company, has just attended software training where he learned new processes that could benefit his staff.

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Total quality management (TQM) is a comprehensive approach, led by top management and supported. Information technology in accounting has mobilized accountants and made the entire process of small-business accounting more accessible and affordable to business owners.

Question: (TCO B) Cite two ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality. Question: (TCO C) Compare and contrast the quality philosophies of Deming and Juran.

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