Battle of midway research paper

The Pacific fleet, save for several aircraft carriers, had been left in ruins.

Battle of midway research paper

The Battle of Midway in the Pacific Nothing distinguished the dawn of June 2,from countless other dawns that had fallen over tiny Midway atoll in the North Pacific.

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Nothing, that is, except the tension, the electric tension of men waiting for an enemy to make his move. The carrier battle of Midway, one of the decisive naval battles in history, is well documented. But the role played by the Midway garrison, which manned the naval air station on the atoll during the battle, is not as well known.

Midway lies 1, miles west- northwest of Pearl Harbor, Oahu. The entire atoll is barely six miles in diameter and consists of Sand and Eastern islands surrounded by a coral reef enclosing a shallow lagoon.

Midway was discovered in and annexed by the United States in August In Marchafter a report on U. Navy Pacific bases declared Midway second only to Pearl Harbor in importance, construction of a formal naval air station began. Midway Naval Air Station was placed in commission in August Sand Island was populated by hundreds of civilian construction workers and a defense battalion of the Fleet Marine Force, while Eastern Island boasted a 5,foot airstrip.

Along with the naval personnel manning the air station was a detachment of Marines. The first detachment was from the Marine 3rd Defense Battalion; it was relieved on September 11,by 34 officers and men from the 6th Defense Battalion under the command of Lt.

Shannon and Simard meshed into an effective team right away. World War II began for Midway at 6: December 7,when the garrison received word of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Battle of midway research paper

Three hours later, the Japanese destroyers Sazanami and Ushio opened fire, damaging a seaplane hangar, knocking out the Pan American direction finder and destroying a consolidated PBY Catalina flying boat.

The Japanese retired at Pacific Fleet by attacking Midway. Using Midway as bait and gathering a vast naval armada of eight aircraft carriers, 11 battleships, 23 cruisers, 65 destroyers and several hundred fighters, bombers and torpedo planes, Yamamoto planned to crush the Pacific Fleet once and for all.

Nimitz, commander in chief, Pacific Command, flew to the atoll on May 2,to make a personal inspection. Following his inspection, Nimitz took Simard and Shannon aside and asked them what they needed to defend Midway. They told him their requirements.

It was good enough for Nimitz, who returned to Oahu Robertson On May 20, Shannon and Simard received a letter from Admiral Nimitz, praising their fine work and promoting them to captain and full colonel, respectively.

Then Nimitz informed them that the Japanese were planning to attack Midway on May 28; he outlined the Japanese strategy and promised all possible aid.

The explosion destroyedgallons of aviation fuel, and also damaged the distribution system, forcing the defenders to refuel planes by hand from gallon drums."“The Battle of Midway effectively destroyed Japanʼs naval strength when the Americans destroyed four of its aircraft carriers.

Japanʼs navy never. "The importance of Midway was to show that America was a force that wasnʼt to be messed with and on June 7th the battle had officially ended and America had won the Battle, thus bringing the battle to the end.

"Station Hypo was able to confirm on of the Japanese targets as Midway. Bombing Midway on 4 June and occupy it the following day. c. Destroy American fleet with Japanese carrier and Midway based aircraft when it would rush to defend Midway. American’s Planning.

While the war officially lasted until September 2, , the turning point of the United States war on Japan came three years prior. On June 4th, , the US met Japan at the Battle of Midway, in a naval fight that would ultimately decide the fate of the South Pacific.

Topic: Battle of midway World War II Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Battle of Midway (WWII) Introduction In , Battle of Midway was fought by the Imperial Japanese Navy under their admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in the World War II.

The battle, fought between 16th April to 2nd May , was of great importance for Germany and the Soviet Union. The battle ended in the victory of the Soviet Union bringing an .

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