Asia pacific nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals stable isotopes

The Asia-Pacific region is also minimizing its dependency on nuclear reactor by introducing hospital-based cyclotron facilities.

Asia pacific nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals stable isotopes

In nuclear medicine imaging, the radioisotopes are detected by the special type of cameras attached to the computer, which, in turn, provide very precise pictures of the area of the body examined.

Increasing Incidence of Cancer and Cardiac Ailments Increasing incidence of cancer and cardiac ailments are the major drivers for the market. Nuclear medicine shows a huge potential in treating cardiac and cancer diseases.

According to a survey by National Cancer Institute, the number of new cases of cancer sites was permen and woman per year, while the number of deaths was permen and women per year.

Cardiology applications will continue to demonstrate strong growth in the market. Strict Regulatory guidelines Regulatory requirements pose another hurdle to translational research and clinical investigations.

In the United States, all pharmacologic agents, including diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals and radiotherapeutics, undergo regulatory oversight by FDA. Radiopharmaceuticals face additional scrutiny and undergo unique regulatory and approval pathways.

Sometimes, extensive toxicology testing poses considerable financial burdens for the investigators.

Asia pacific nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals stable isotopes

Additionally, reimbursement hurdles for the manufacturer and high capital investment are also restraining the market growth. North America to Dominate the Nuclear Medicine Market The nuclear medicine market is segmented by diagnostics, therapeutics, application, and by geography.

North America is the dominant market for diagnostic radioisotopes. Within North America, the United States is the largest consumer market for radioisotopes, and Canada is the largest producer of Tcm.In , North America is expected to account for the largest share of the global nuclear medicine/radiopharmaceuticals market, followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the .

Aug 19,  · Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals Global market - Forecast to " report to their offering. Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals Global Market Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World are poised to grow at a CAGR % by This Nuclear Medicine By Type Stable Isotopes By Isotopes Market by Geography Diagnostic Centers Academic Z Z> [.

Nuclear medicine contain radioactive material which combined called as radiopharmaceutical. The small quantity of radiopharmaceutical is given into human body in the form of injection or swallowing.

It goes to specific location of a body where there could be disease or abnormality. Asia-Pacific Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals & Stable Isotopes Market Forecast to - This report studies the Asia-Pacific nuclear medicine market over the forecast period of The Asia-Pacific radiopharmaceutical market was valued at $ million in and is poised to reach $ million by at a CAGR of %. has published new research report on "Nuclear Medicine-Global Market Outlook ()" to its database.

Global Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals & Stable Isotopes Market Outlook: