An analysis of the types of women

By Graham Peebles A suffocating patriarchal shadow hangs over the lives of women throughout India. From all sections, castes and classes of society, women are victim of its repressive, controlling effects.

An analysis of the types of women

The orator of this speech was born into slavery as Isabella Van Wagenen, but after she fled to freedom in she became known to the world as Sojourner Truth. One who follows history would understand exactly why this type of event was far from the norm.

It was not often during this time period one would witness a woman, especially an illiterate African-American woman who was a former slave stand; before the masses and delivering a speech on such a temperamental topic, the inequalities of all women and African Americans.

Truth utilized religious references, rhetorical strategies, and her personal experiences in life to connect with her audience on a more emotional level to express her battles with race and gender oppression.

An analysis of the types of women

In the article, Religion and Dis Ability, it is stated that men and women should be afforded the same opportunities in life being that both sexes possess equal capabilities to perform the same tasks.

Truth establishes a more warm and deartone with the audience creating the image that all members of her audience is equal in her eyes regardless of gender or color. The use of this word correlates with the teachings of the Christian faith and how Christ views all as children who are equal in His eyes despite their race or differences.

Brah made mention of how he does not wish to suggest that the past unproblematically provides an answers to the present, rather it is beneficial to learn and build insight on current affairs based on past events.

Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! By bringing together the ideas of how men claim women should be treated with chivalry with the harsh truth being she has never experienced any of this courtesy, Sojourner Truth is pointing out the brutal deception that unequally that all members of exists.

In the article, Multiculturalism or Multibodism by Oyeronke Oyewumi, the author speaks on the politics of exclusion of black women that has characterized both feminism and black nationalist movements in the United States.

She shared with the audiences not only her experiences as a woman and African-American but as a slave and as a mother. Sojourner Truth shares explicit details about the harsh reality she faced in life which proves to connect even more with her audience because she lived it.

In her speech, Truth establishes a sense of identity with the audience on her personal experiences with life as a woman and as an African American.

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Sojourner Truth pinpoints the many injustices she experienced in life and the various strides women have to take for equality in a world where men are revered and the mind of a woman is not acknowledged or respected.

Sojourner Truth strategically closed her speech by giving the audience somewhat of a challenge to work together to solve the injustice making a biblical reference to the impact and strength Eve exuded as a woman.

Truth is providing a message of hope to women that these gender inequalities can be conquered together. Sojourner Truth delivers this classic moving speech by using biblical references, rhetorical strategies, and her personal experiences in life to connect with her audience.

Sojourner Truth had a voice in the lives of women that still echoes through the battles of gender and racial oppression today. African American Authors, Greenwood Publishing Group, The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women: The Traditions in English.An Analysis of Shakespeare’s Women.

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